Outgoing UAW president says union should act globally image

Bob King, the soon to be retiring United Auto Workers President, took in front of the union members his last speech, calling for the union to start acting on a worldwide basis – just like corporations.

King held his last speech yesterday and addressed the biggest failure in recent years, the unsuccessful attempt to organize for the first time a foreign automaker in the US, saying that the union needs this and a global presence to recapture the former glory.

“You can’t just be a national union to take on a fight with these global corporations and win unless you build global solidarity. We have made a lot of progress there,” said King.

The soon to be former president contended that although the UAW is a US union representing only US workers, the global strive can be achieved through union alignment across regions, as the UAW and the world’s unions need to start working together to leverage their power – just like the corporations they deal with, which have a global business.

He praised oncoming UAW president Dennis Williams, expected to be elected in office for the next four years tomorrow, saying he is convinced his successor would follow the trend to work towards a global organization of the union’s efforts.

Via Reuters