Over 1 billion cars are registered globally image

When we think that the major car manufacturers and throwing away their large V12, V10 or V8 engines and are focusing on new hybrid or electric technology, we feel like the future of driving may be compromised and we will end up reading our newspapers while our cars will automatically take us to work every day, powered by tiny quiet engines.

But when we realize that over 1 billion cars are cruising the streets worldwide maybe the eco-friendly technology doesn’t sound so bad after all, considering that a recent study shows that this number will double in 23 years.

As it was probably expected, the largest number of vehicles can be found in China and in the United States, and globally there is a car for every 6.75 people. China is the leader in new car sales but its large population level gives it a ratio of a car for 17.2 people. On the opposite side, India has a car for every 56.3 people.

A new record will be set in 2034 when the infrastructure will have to support over two billion vehicles worldwide.