Own your very own Bugatti Chiron – in 1:18 scale image

There’s a big chance the vast majority of the Earth’s car aficionado population will never have the financial means to own a Bugatti Chiron – so these accurate substitutes are very much welcomed and appreciated.

MR Collection Models have built a reputation for quality over the years and their scale representation of the Chiron is among the most coveted items they ever done – as the company says the sales of these items are projected to go through the roof. This is what happens when a company with a good reputation meets the most hyped hypercar of the year. Yes, that’s even among those numerous hypercars out there – we’re looking at you Koenigesgg (just an example). For now, just as in the case of the actual car, we’re looking at the pre-production 1:18 scale model but we’re hoping the company will have the “standard” one ready in time for those important Christmas gifts.

Own your very own Bugatti Chiron – in 1 18 scale 5

Everything starts from the base, which is just as great as the car itself – ok, almost. It has dark blue leather and white stitching – and the Chiron seems to be the exact launch edition featured at the start of the year in March during the Geneva Motor Show. The company is incredibly specific on details, such as the two-tone wheels and blue brakes. Inside, the Chiron is just like the real counterpart down to the tanned leather and carbon fiber dash.