P Diddy injured in car crash in Beverly Hills image

The famous American rapper P Diddy has been recently injured in a car crash in Beverly Hills after his Cadillac Escalade hit a Lexus RX vehicle.

A Cadillac Escalade owned and driven by P Diddy, Sean Combs by his real name, has collided with a Lexus RX in Beverly Hills. The airbags were activated and the large luxury SUV looks like it hit a brick wall, with the whole front fascia ruined and probably a damaged engine and other components. The Cadillac Escalade had to be towed away because it was undrivable. The 42-year old driver, Sean Combs, refused to go to the hospital and said he would seek his own medical attention.

P Diddy was accompanied by Andre Hurrell, a record label boss, and by a second passenger, who was also seen lying on the ground. The driver of the Lexus RX was injured and taken to the hospital. Police officers have rushed to the scene and took details from witnesses, passengers and the two drivers and it seems that the Cadillac Escalade, driven by Diddy, was going on Sunset Boulevard when it hit the Lexus which made a turn in front of the luxury SUV. Police is still trying to figure it out whose fault it is for this accident.

Source: Daily Mail