Way back in March 2011, Horacio Pagani decided the company would one day chop off the Huarya’s roof for a cabriolet version – and it seems that day is drawing closer and closer.

The Modena-based exotic brand is looking finally almost ready to show us the spectacular Huayra Roadster – though not before a copious teaser campaign. In case you forgot, the car is actually ready as it was apparently exhibited last year at private gathering organized for the inauguration of the company’s upgraded factory in San Cesario Sul Panaro, but the rest of the world needs to wait until March to see it in the metal during the Geneva Motor Show.

Still, with this series of teasers we’re almost certain an online showcase will be first in the days or weeks to come – and the latest teaser is even proving tricky to put the finger on. The U-shaped piece we see gets the “Roadster” lettering and we might think it’s an exterior detail since the golden part seems machined to the car’s body. As was the case with the Zonda Roadster, there’s a removable hardtop made out of carbon fiber coming – with the gullwing doors being lost in favor of a more conventional setup.



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