During the Geneva Motor Show – the resident venue for exotic manufacturers each year – Italian supercar maker Pagani had the world premiere of the limited edition Huayra BC.

But unlike other exotic manufacturers, which after major releases become dormant for lengthy periods of time the case is not the same with Pagani, which has already started the mandatory teasing game for a new model. We have a teaser video that depicts a Huayra that has been adorned with lots of carbon fiber and featuring what it looks like a roof scoop. That’s not enough to quench the thirst of fans but it may be enough to make us realize this is not the teaser for the expected Huayra roadster. Looking back in Pagani’s history we remember there were special Zonda models wearing a roof scoop that were upgraded in terms of performance compared to the standard car – and that should be the case with this new one – we’re treated to another hardcore Huayra.

We’re not going to bet our salaries on that, but we also caught glimpses in the teaser of a carbon rear wing and a more aggressive front splitter that was manufactured from the same lightweight yet durable material. Pagani is not actually delivering any information about the model except for mysterious created with art and passion exclusively for Refined Marques.” The latter is an exotic car dealership and we might be seeing an exclusive Huayra one-off specifically created for the latter. This wouldn’t be very surprising considering that in the past Pagani has delivered numerous bespoke Zondas.



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