Pagani Zonda La Nonna restored by the automaker after clocking one million km image

Supercars are certainly one of the most desired vehicles on the planet. And when they’re manufactured by exotic producers they can be even more desirable.

But the story we have today involves an almost incredible level of desirability – the one that involves clocking many miles on the odometer. We have stories of supercars that sit in a garage throughout their lifetime – and they’re actually more often than the ones involving examples that have been driven for one million km (621, 371 miles) during their lifetime. But this is exactly the case this time around – Pagani is displaying in its old factory showroom a Zonda that clocked this almost impossible number (especially for an exotic product). This is a 1998 Zonda C12 fitted with the company’s first iteration of the M120 engine – it had six liters of displacement and produced 394 hp, enough to reach more than 330 km/h during its heyday. The chassis has then evolved into the C12-S 7.0 and was used over the years extensively by Pagani to test and develop the components for its future models – up until the 760 appeared. That involved lots of road testing and now the odometer has in excess of one million kms – most likely an all out record for any Pagani.

Thus, it has been bestowed with the “La Nonna” (grandmother) nickname and received a complete restoration process in time to celebrate Horatio Pagani’s 60th birthday. It now reflects its original configuration and only adds some small details from the Zonda Cinque. Naturally the brand will hold on to this heritage car and will display it in the near future in the newly created factory museum.