Pamela Anderson Launches Downforce 1 Team image

Downforce 1 is the name of the new racing team launched by the Hollywood blond Pamela Anderson.

The team will be fielding an Aston Martin Vantage GTE in both the (European) Le Mans Series and the International GT Open, and will be wearing white and blue livery with the glamor model’s signature and logos of PETA (the animal rights group for which Anderson is a spokesperson) and ICM (the talent agency that manages her career).

“Hi! I am Pam and this is my brand-new racing team. My professional racing boys have been driving and working for more than 10 years. Follow us as well on Facebook. See you on the track, Pamela Anderson.”

Downforce 1 plans to prepare one in two Aston Martin GTE cars with which to take part in the ELMS. Markus Fux, who is the single driver on contract, is the first Austrian to compete in the NASCAR series in the United States.

“These gentlemen have achieved the impossible and built up a team in just four months, so I cannot wait to see my cars on the racetracks it’s hard to believe until I see it. Look for us in white and blue – my signature color,” declared Pamela.