Panasonic to supply Ford with Lithium-ion Battery Cells image

Panasonic Corporation, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics corporation, on Friday announced that it will supply lithium-ion battery cells for Ford Motor Company’s hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Therefore, the upcoming models of the Ford Fusion Hybrid Electric and C-Max Hybrid Electric as well as the Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids will use Panasonic battery cells in combination with a gasoline engine.

Panasonic the world’s leading producer of lithium ion batteries for electric and hybrid cars, has exclusively relied on domestic production of lithium-ion battery components.

But now, the Nikkei reports that Panasonic Corp. is considering expanding production of lithium ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles to China.

“The electronics manufacturer has been making automotive lithium-ion batteries solely at its Kasai and other Japanese plants. It has relied exclusively on domestic production because of the technological sophistication required in making the batteries.

With major customers such as Germany’s Volkswagen, Toyota Motor and Ford signaling plans to produce hybrids and EVs in China, Panasonic has decided to set up a supply system there.”

According to the same source, the Japanese giant is ranked first in the automotive Li-ion market, and has a 20-plus percent share of the total global market for all types of lithium-ion batteries.