Pandora Reaches 2.5 Million In-Car Listeners in the US image

Pandora Media announced it had reached the milestone of 2.5 million users of music service in cars in the US.

Listeners have access to the service in more than 23 auto brands and CEO Simon Fleming-Wood said that this year Pandora will be available in at least 100 models. Pandora, which is the biggest online radio service, has turned its attention towards the auto industry, a piece of utmost importance in the local radio advertising market worth $15 billion.

Pandora currently has more than 70 million users per month and will be featured in one-third of all new vehicles to be sold in the States by the end of this year. The company also plans to reach new brands such as Kia, Ram, Jeep, Infiniti and Dodge. More automakers have begun making the Pandora service a selling advantage for their vehicles.

The company’s share of the US radio listening is 7%, as the market is led by the traditional FM/AM, followed by rival Sirius XM Radio with a big part of the rest. Sirius XM, a radio satellite operator, has also extended into the auto market, getting into dashboards. Sirius currently has 24.4 million subscribers.