Office space doesn’t come much more expensive, tighter or faster than that found on the Bentley stand in Paris.

One of the highlights on the Crewe luxury car maker’s stand was their latest long wheelbase saloon, now equipped with twin iPads, two mini-desks, and mobile WiFi link to the web.

The 160mph executive express normally costs from £225,900 but if you just cannot stay away from the day job, and your PA likes to keep in touch beside you, then the ultimate office pack will set you back about £25,000 including VAT.

A Bentley spokesman said, “We have just launched the office edition pack and you could also order a home entertainment system with drop down screens for watching the latest movies or recorded films and news while on the move.

“A number of our customers will use their car as a mobile office in the week and then want to drive it themselves at weekends when out with their families so these new options offer them everything they need.”

Bentley has being doing very well despite the recession with sales up nearly 32 per cent in the first half of the year to almost 4,000 cars, with the USA and China vying for leadership. The Crewe factory employs 4,000 and is hoping it will get the go-ahead for its new proposed SUV in the very near future after its March debut at Geneva, where it was one of the best kept secrets of the spring show until it was unveiled.

Bentley Mulsanne Executive

Price: £291,060

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