Paris fights pollution and imposes ban for all pre-1997 cars image

France’s capital has decided to limit traffic by forbidding all 20-year-old cars to go out on its roads, except over weekends.

Congestion in major cities is becoming unbearable and pollution levels are rising accordingly. Therefore, increasingly more authorities are starting to impose traffic bans to ease up a bit this concerning trend. As an example, the Dutch government plans to take some drastic measures to cut emissions levels by intending to embargo from sale all conventional-powered cars starting with 2025 and Germany is working on a set of regulatory laws that will allow towns to pull out older diesels from their streets.

Now, Paris is taking similar actions and cars registered before 1997 will not be allowed on its streets from Monday to Friday starting from July 1, the French newspaper Le Monde reports, a measure that affects around 10 percent of all vehicles in France’s capital. The motorcycles are also targeted and the restriction is even greater for them, as no bike made before June 1, 1999, will be allowed in the city.

All other cars will be categorized in six groups, depending on their production year and emission standards, with the electric and hydrogen-powered ones to be put in the first group, while the pre-1997 cars to be classified in the seventh category. Furthermore, Paris will inflict even greater bans from 2020, when all the cars registered before 2011 are forbidden during the week.

Via Le Monde