Paris Motor Show LIVE: BMW i3 and i8 CrossFade concepts image

The green subbrand of the German automaker has decided to treat the worldwide audience of the Paris Motor Show with a little color – namely the BMW i3 and i8 CrossFade concepts.

Garage Italia Customs is already a well known aftermarket specialist – which usually expressed its love for the Fiat 500 and other products in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles stable – but this time around they again branched out to work with BMW. The CrossFade concepts are actually near-production models, with the series versions expected to quickly arrive early next year.



The idea was to take the DJ world – you know, the trait of making one great song seamlessly transition into a new one – and put it into practice in the auto industry: the CrossFade concepts have body hues that gradually evolve between two colors. The inspiration for the technique actually came from early on into the 19th century – when the painting technique Pointillism was en vogue, using small bits of color to form a bigger image.



The i8 has a Protonic Dark Silver front and then transitions into a Protonic Blue rear – the real magic happens in the middle, where Garage Italia Customs carefully distributes colorful triangles that gradually transition the body between the two hues. Inside, the Alcantara headliner and door panels share the same effect.



The effect on the i3 is very much similar but even more noteworthy: the color transition this time occurs vertically, Protonic Blue is used on the low part and morphs into black towards the top – with the Pointillism influence more obvious as the middle suddenly changes color.