Paris Motor Show LIVE: BMW X2 concept image

The prototype X2 officially revealed during the Paris Motor Show is the preview for the production X2 that will arrive as the third member of the coupe-SUV family.

The niche is apparently growing rapidly, meaning there’s a business case for BMW to add another crossover-coupe below the current X4 and X6 models. Looking to attract the young audience that wants to stand out from the crowd, the Concept X2 is way better looking than the X1 it grows upon: aggressive front fascia with a modernized approach to the corporate kidney grille and packing large side vents in the front bumper. We see a pair of sleek headlights thanks to the adoption of laser light technology – and the concept credentials are further supported by the massive set of 21-inch alloy wheels tucked underneath prominent arches to support the controversial crossover/coupe mixture.



The back is dominated by the gun-looking circular exhaust tips and fake diffuser, while the taillights are wide and wraparound the angled tailgate. BMW has not yet announced when the production version will arrive, but it’s expected to come soon – before 2018 – in order to match the apparition of the Mercedes GLC Coupe. The production version will use the same UKL platform as the X1 and that means it will also use most of its powertrain options – including beefy engines linked to the xDrive setup.