Paris Motor Show: Ferrari 70th anniversary special editions image

The Italian supercar maker has decided to display not one but five limited edition vehicles during the Paris Motor Show to celebrate its seven decades of life.

The showstopper was undeniably the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, but our eyes were also caught by the five special editions of its most popular models – 488 GTB, California T, not one but two 488 Spiders and the F12berlinetta. Each of these was specifically designed as a tribute to a legend on the track, and wear a special matching paint. First off, the Ferrari F12berlinetta “The Stirling,” is of course honoring the legendary Stirling Moss, and his 250 GT Berlinetta SWB he used to win the 1961 Tourist Trophy. It packs a Blu Scuro racing livery adorned with a horizontal white stripe on the hood and a number roundel on the door panel.



The 488GTB “The Schumacher” is a tribute to the incredible man Michael Schumacher – specifically his iconic F2003-GA F1 car, and the Constructors’ World Championship win he took home in 2003. The tribute uses a simple red paint job with white racing stripes on the roof and side sills, and wears special edition badging throughout.



The California T “The Steve McQueen,” takes us back to the golden ages of the actor / racer and reminds us of his iconic 1963 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, which was gifted to him by his wife. It is adorned with a brown exterior finish and a camel leather cabin with bespoke stitching.



The 488 Spider “The Green Jewel,” is adorned with a matching green livery recalling the 365 P2 fielded by the British David Piper Racing Team – this vehicle went on to secure wins during the Nine Hours of Kyalami in both 1965 and 1966 with Piper at the wheel.



The second 488 Spider on show is Tailor Made and has links to the 1953 375 MM bodied by Pininfarina – it has been clad in a three-layer Bianco Italia exterior color. Each of the models have never been seen before their apparition at the Paris Motor Show – a great surprise for fans in this day and age when the Internet almost always spills the beans.

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