The official successor of the McLaren F1, the P1, has been unveiled today (September 27) during the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

After it was presented just a week ago in some official images and details, the McLaren P1 has been brought to the Paris Motor Show where the British based automaker has unveiled it in a world premiere. According to the company, the McLaren P1 is the successor of the iconic F1 supercar and the model is coming with an impressive design, with carbon fiber side sills, carbon fiber mirrors, a massive retractable rear wing and new shapes for the front and rear bumpers.

McLaren says that the P1 supercar will be placed above the MP4-12C and the 12C Spyder in terms of both performance and price, but, even so, the model will get the same engine as the two vehicles mentioned above, the 3.8 liter turbo, which is expected to provide an extra 120 horsepower. The McLaren P1 won’t be challenging the Bugatti Veyron in terms of top speed but it just might be the fastest accelerating car in the world. Additional details on the McLaren P1 supercar are limited for the moment and the final production version of the model is expected to make its debut in Geneva next year.


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