Paris Motor Show LIVE: Toyota’s FCV-R fuel cell concept car image

After having its world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota brought to Paris the FCV-R fuel cell concept, the carmaker’s next step towards mass-produced hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

The FCV-R combines breakthrough innovation with ergonomic practicality and futuristic styling. The study incorporates the „Under Priority and Keen Look” design elements of the latest Toyota family design, while the front and rear styling employs a “W” motif, symbolizing the fuel cell cooling system. This creates a sleek, aerodynamically efficient cabin silhouette and a unique road presence.

Within the clean, detailed interior, the seats are ‘robed’ in the manner of traditional Japanese costume. A centre console-mounted, twin-screen evolution of Toyota Touch Life provides easy access to the main infotainment controls. The lower touch-screen controls the navigation, audio and air conditioning systems, while the upper screen displays the most relevant driver information, including the navigation map and guidance in 3D.

The vehicle is just 4,745 mm long, 1,510 mm high and 1,790 mm wide. The fuel cell stack is smaller than in previous FCVs, and sits under the seats, along with twin hydrogen tanks.

The combined volume of the hydrogen tanks equips the FCV-R with a driving range of approximately 700 km whilst generating zero CO2, NOx or PM and with water vapour the only emission. The twin hydrogen tanks and the FC stack are located beneath the vehicle floor, maximising both cabin and luggage space to create an entirely practical family sedan.