Paris Motor Show: Toyota Prius PHV image

For the French event, Toyota’s European-spec Prius plug in hybrid has decided to change its name – from Prime to PHV. Other than that, the US and Euro versions are basically the same.

The mid-size eco-friendly model is what the world needed back in 1997 – when the first Prius appeared – to actually kickstart the green revolution. Some reports are already claiming we passed the point of no return in terms of greenhouse gas accumulation, but we’re hoping – for the sake of our children and grandchildren – this isn’t the case yet. And we might have time to do our part in saving the planet by using the Prius PHV. It’s the plug in hybrid version of the popular hybrid and as such it comes with grid recharging capabilities.



Toyota has even fitted that large solar panel where the usual roof sits – and when stationary it charges a solar battery which in turn charges the car’s battery. The automaker says the photovoltaic cells can add up to three miles per day – so it would mean 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) of EV range per year. The plug in also features a slightly different design compared to the standard Prius: vertical LEDs, different headlights – the taillights integrated into the modified rear spoiler. The same powertrain is in use, though: 1.8-liter Atkinson-type engine and electric motor. The Dual Motor Drive System has 91 horsepower and the lithium-ion battery has double capacity – 8.8 versus 4.4 kWh for an EV range of more than 30 miles (48 km).