Paris: Nissan out to prove a charging point for LEAF image

Nissan will roll out its own fast charging network following a disappointing take up of EVs in Europe, the car maker’s Executive Vice President for Global Developments, Andy Palmer, said at the Paris show.


It has sold about 38,000 LEAF models across Europe but with a new generation LEAF, a van and others also in the pipeline over the next few years it is vital the infrastructure exists to support their arrival so customers have confidence to buy and use them.

He said, “Nissan is a car maker but we have been forced to look at the infrastructure and to make our own fast charging system so EVs can be used by more people.

“Our analysis shows that 34 per cent of customers in the biggest sectors never travel more than 60 miles a day and this is within the limits of most EVs, but we have also noticed they will dip into places to shop and will simply top up for a few minutes.

“We know people probably can charge at their homes but when they are out they are concerned and want a quick charge to get going again but the network is not there to support them.”

He added, “The demand for EVs started well but it has been slowing due to this infrastructure issue and we are determined to address it.”

The Japanese fast chargers will fully boost a car from flat in 30 minutes.

  • jpwhitehome

    Nissan have NOT sold 38,000 models in Europe. That is their worldwide sales number.

    I agree that rolling out the fast charge network is key to vehicle adoption by the masses. Wish Nissan would announce similar plans in the US.