Paris: Range Rover a Triumph of technology image

Range Rover’s reputation has been built on gripping products, but now you don’t even have to think about that.

One of the quiet revolutions in the latest Range Rover is TR2, not a Triumph, but a triumph of modern electronic and mechanical engineering which puts the famous British brand ahead of rivals.

TR2 or Terrain Response 2 is the next stage of its previously manual-only selection system to give a new automatic process to coping with whatever surface is under the wheels at any speed and how it is being driven.

Nick Rogers, director of Range Rover Programmes, said, “What we have done at Range Rover is to take the next step forward because the Range Rover has always been about peerless performance driving in any situation and this new system does just that“.

“Sensors around the car monitor a variety of dynamics and adjust responses instantly. They are capable of checking and doing tens of thousands of calculations a second to compare with programmed data and to deliver the right requirements instantly for the surface under the wheels.”