GM stated today that its production at Orion Township assembly plant will be halted for at least two days, due to some parts shortage. The plant produces the Chevrolet Sonic subcompact, which was launched in US in late August.

The company did not stated which parts are specifically missing. However, 65 percent of the parts are delivered from North America, and 25 percent from Korea.

The Detroit plant is employing 1,500 people, working on two shifts. About 40% of the plants workers, the so called Tier 2 workers, are earning a smaller entry level wage compared to regular UAW workers as an effect of the 2009 agreement that allowed GM to be the only company that is assembling a subcompact car in the United States, as the rest of carmakers preferred countries like Mexico, where the labor force is much cheaper.

GM started the Chevy Sonic production at its Orion Township plant on 1st August, while the US launch was in late August. Last month were built 8,703 Sonics and 20,672 since August, while the US sales reached 3,833 Sonics in October.

In a previous statement, GM said that it aims to manufacture 542 Chevy Sonics per day in Novemeber. Also, at the same plant, this year the company will start the production of Buick Verano targeting a production of 825 cars per day, splitted between the two models.


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