Patent reveals Ford has plans for a car that can harbor a bicycle image

Intellectual property fillings are sometimes reliable sources of surprises – for example one recent Ford Motor Co. patent calls for a car that can also house a bicycle, for complete transportation opportunities.

According to application 20150035250, indexed at the beginning of the month in the US Patent and Trademark Office database, Ford wants to have the property over a vehicle that has a motor and can also harbor a removable collapsible bicycle. What’s more interesting is that “building” the bike requires the user to source some of the car’s parts including a spare wheel, a removable headrest and a jack. The filling shows that one of the car’s headrests can be transformed into the bicycle’s seat, the car’s jack will have a worm gear that is later used to drive one of the bicycle’s wheels and also houses a pedal – with the latter’s movement causing the jack to produce the necessary rotational force to drive the wheel.

Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford, the second largest automaker in the US, believes the bike frame can use any number of available materials, such as steel, aluminum, titanium, thermoplastic or even bamboo or wood, the only limitations being the necessary strength to support other bicycle components – and, of course, the rider. Once the owner reaches his or her destination the bicycle can be collapsed and stored, with the automaker pitting the invention for a wide variety of usage scenarios in crowded urban areas where parking usually proves very difficult. The scenarios usually call for the driver to park further away than usual, then assemble the bike and use it to complete the journey.

Via Bloomberg