Patrick Pelata, Former Renault COO, Accepts Job at Software Company image

Patrick Pelata, the former Renault COO, has accepted a new job at a software company in California.

Pelata, who was Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn longtime associate resigned from Renault in April 2011 after a botched corporate espionage investigation. The automaker discovered that a corporate espionage investigation has been flawed, leading to the wrongful dismissal of three senior managers, which cause a major political uproar in France.

“I’m leaving because, after one year, there’s no job for me in sight,” Pelata said in an e-mail to Bloomberg. “I’ve done strategic studies over the last 12 months but can’t participate in their operational implementation. I therefore concluded that I had to go on elsewhere.”

Pelata and Ghosn have been colleagues in the same class at the elite Ecole Polytechnique and both graduated in 1974. Since then the two have been close associates. Before becoming Renault’s COO, Pelata has worked at Nissan, also led by Ghosn, to rescue the automaker from bankruptcy.

Pelata has now accepted to be executive vice president and chief automotive officer at, a company located in San Francisco which provides Web-based customer relationship management software.