Paul Teutul Sr.’s Pontiac Trans Am is for sale on the internet image

Every petrol head must have watched American Choppers at least one time so describing who Paul Teutul Sr. is and what he does doesn’t seem to be a very good idea, but when talking about his cars we must pay our full attention because his collection doesn’t stop on Harley Davidsons only.

After probably getting bored with it because of the low adrenaline it offered, Paul Teutul Sr. decided to sell his 2011 Pontiac Trans Am Hurst Edition and what better place to find your “baby” a new owner than eBay Motors with the only condition that that owner could actually afford it because the muscle car isn’t what you would call cheap nor expensive.

Even if it looks pretty good from most angles you can’t really hide the fact that it’s actually a new Chevy Camaro SS and you can see that better by watching the rear end. But enough is enough and let’s say that if you want Paul Teutul’s old car you must pay $125.000.

Specifications or modifications about the muscle car haven’t been released but we all know celebrities like to have unique cars and when you’re a custom bike manufacturer than those modifications come in pretty easy.