Persident Obama’s 9-Ton Cadillac Limousine Breaks Down in Israel image

President Barack Obama’s 9-ton Cadillac limousine broke down yesterday, March 20th, a couple of hours before his arrival in Israel.

Israeli and Jordanian officials had to quickly replace ‘The Beast’ with another limo, which got to the Ben-Gurion Airport at the last minute. According to reports, it was believed that it was the diver’s fault for the car’s breakdown as he filled the tank with gasoline instead of diesel fuel. But a spokesman for the Secret Service said that the vehicle had unspecified mechanical problems which are currently under investigation.

“The appropriate gas was put in the car,” spokesman Ed Donovan told CNN.

The Cadillac, known as ‘The Beast’, weighs 9 tons, and is fitted with bulletproof glass and the doors and windows seal shut in case of an attack. Motti Matmon, proprietor of Motti Haulage in Jerusalem and the one who had to tow away the car said he was proud and honored of being entrusted to tow away the presidential limousine.

“A guy from the U.S. Consulate who I work with called and said: ‘Be ready, we may have to tow Obama’s limousine,’ ”Matmon said. “I haven’t given them the bill for the tow yet. I won’t gouge them, but I won’t give the President a discount.”