Peugeot 2008 demand spurs increased production image

PSA Peugeot Citroen has decided to increase production of its small crossover – 2008 – due to rising demand – welcomed news for the battered automaker.

While General Motors is now keeping the headlines because of its handling of the ignition switch recall, PSA is slowly going into the right direction – coming to the headlines with good things. After the much debated and rumored capital increase that sees China’s Dongfeng and the French state take matching stakes in the ailing carmaker has been finally revealed and discussed, we are now seeing again worthy news from Europe’s No.2 automaker.

Because it has 120,000 orders for its latest subcompact SUV-like crossover, the company has announced in a statement it will move to increase daily production of the Peugeot 2008 by around 25% – reaching a capacity of 860 units. According to Pierre-Olivier Salmon, a PSA spokesman, the company is raising production for the 2008 for the fifth time since its April, 2013 introduction, with the latest spike handled by adding an additional partial shift in one of the plants located in France.

According to figures from ACEA, PSA has finally started to rebound in Europe, with figures for the first two months in the EU and EFTA zones showing the company has increased deliveries by 5% to 218,062 cars. Of these, Peugeot accounts for an almost 85 rise to 121,117 cars, while Citroen only managed a more modest 2% growth to 96,945 vehicles.

Via Automotive News Europe