A smaller crossover called the 2008 RX or the 1008 is being planned by the French based automaker Peugeot, which will come in a three-door body style.

With Renault planning a smaller crossover than the Captur, based on the Kwid Concept, Peugeot isn’t losing any time and it’s going to develop a smaller version of the 2008. The model in question will probably be named the 2008 RX or even the 1008 and it will have an overall length of 3,900 mm, which means that it will be 300 mm shorter than the 2008. The new crossover will adopt a three-door body style and it’s believed to make its way onto the market in a couple of years.

The engine lineup of the new French crossover will be borrowed from the 208 and from the 2008 and it will include three-cylinder naturally aspirated and turbocharged units. The design of the model is believed to be inspired by the one of the already available 2008 but the differences will be visible as the new crossover will be significantly smaller and cheaper than the 2008. The report is stating that the new 2008 RX / 1008 will be introduced in 2016. More details on the model remain unknown for the moment.

Source: Auto Express


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