Peugeot 207 CC and 308 CC Roland Garros Special Editions revealed image

Peugeot has pulled the wraps off its latest creations, two special editions of the 207 CC and 308 CC, named the Roland Garros, which will be launched in the United Kingdom.

According to the car manufacturer, the Peugeot 207 CC and the 308 CC will be available exclusive in white or black colors and the 207 CC is riding on a fresh set of 17-inch alloy wheels, while the 308 CC has been equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels. The cabin of the two models is now offering a lot of high-level features as standard, like the Bluetooth connectivity and leather seats, along with embroidered floor mats and a Roland Garros wind blocker.

“Peugeot has served up a double with the announcement of two highly-specified ‘Roland Garros’ Special Edition Coupé Cabriolet cars”, as Peugeot is saying in its official press release.

Under the hood, the Peugeot 207 CC Roland Garros can be equipped with the 1.6 liter VTi petrol engine, with its 120 HP, or the 1.6 liter HDi diesel unit, putting down 112 HP. The Peugeot 308 CC Roland Garros special edition is available with the 1.6 liter THP 156 / 200 petrol engine or with the 163 HP 2.0 liter HDi diesel unit. Peugeot says that the 207 CC Roland Garros starts at 18,795 GBP, while the 308 CC Roland Garros has been priced at 25,845 GBP.