Peugeot 208 not getting CC and SW versions image

The French based automaker Peugeot isn’t planning any CC and SW versions for its new 208 hatchback and the company will stick to the new 2008 crossover.

After some officials from Peugeot have announced not too long ago that the new 208 won’t be getting an SW version, more rumors have appeared and are now saying that the popular hatchback won’t receive a CC version either. But rather than gain some customers with the help of the two left aside versions of the 208, the car manufacturer is still planning to develop a small crossover based on the hatchback, which will enter the B-segment and will be named the 2008.

Leaving aside the SW and the CC versions for the new 208 isn’t an “original” idea and more car manufacturers are currently stopping the production of their less popular models, just as Renault announced that the new Clio won’t be available in a three-door body style anymore, and the Clio Estate might become history too. Rather than “fighting” in the small convertible segment, Peugeot will enter the B-segment for crossovers with the 2008, a 208-based SUV. The Peugeot 2008 will go against models like the popular Nissan Juke or the new Opel Mokka.