Peugeot 208 Reaches 300,000th Milestone image

Peugeot 208 managed to reach its 300, 000th milestone, after one year since production began.

Last year in January, Peugeot began manufacturing its 208 model at its Poissy plant, which was chosen as the pilot site for this new production. In March 2012 the automaker began selling the model, a confirmation of its plan to win back European leadership of the B segment, the most wanted in the European market.

The automaker managed to reach its 208 sales target with 221,000 units sold in 2012, taking the first place in the B segment in Europe in December, surpassing the Ford Fiesta and the VW Polo. The 208 model was also on the first place in the city car segment in France in December and January, the first in Spain and Portugal in December and the second in Holland.

The model has also received many awards in European countries and is a finalist for the European title of “Car of the Year 2013”. The 300,000th Peugeot 208 has been handed to its buyer by Gaelle Monteiller, Director of the Poissy site and Marc Giulioli, Marketing Director at Peugeot France at the Poissy plant on February 22nd.