Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 – world first diesel hybrid image

Peugeot has released details of its new hybrid – the 3008 Hybrid4, the world’s first hybrid production car with a diesel engine under the bonnet.

The combination of a fuel-efficient, 163-horsepower 2.0-litre HDi diesel engine and a 37-hp electric motor is the optimal combination for a hybrid vehicle, says Peugeot — the 3008 HYbrid 4’s diesel engine providing European Combined Drive Cycle fuel consumption of 3.8 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 99 grams per km.

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The two power sources complement each other in certain driving conditions (“boost” effect during hard acceleration, or when overtaking another vehicle, for example) but can also run independently.



The 3008 HYbrid4 will have four driving modes:

• Auto mode: where the entire system is automatically controlled.
• ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode: when the car runs on electric power only. 
• Four-wheel drive mode (4WD): Peugeot says at low speed this allows for ‘all-terrain’ capabilities equivalent to those of an SUV. 
• Sport mode: allows for quicker gear changes at higher engine speeds.


Aesthetically this model will differ from a 3008 ”non hybrid” by the LED positions and the rear spoiler. Addition to this, in interior , is an LCD screen just like most hybrid models that shown in an animated mode the hybrid system functionality.
The 3008 HYbrid4 will be produced in France and marketed throughout Europe starting spring 2011, with pricing details to be announced closer to that date.