Peugeot Exalt Concept unveiled image

Peugeot has unveiled the new Exalt concept car, by accident, ahead of the model’s official debut scheduled for later on this month, during the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

The brand new Peugeot Exalt Concept has been unveiled by mistake, ahead of its public debut which will take place during the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, later on this month. The vehicle in question has been accidentally shown because the carmaker was supposed to send an e-mail with details and images on this concept car on the 10th of April, but this happened a couple of days earlier. The new Exalt one-off vehicle has been already teased back in January, when Peugeot said it’s a follow-up for the Onyx.

The Peugeot Exalt Concept has a four-door coupe body style which, we have to admit, is quite appealing. Images with its interior design are not available for the moment but this is expected to get some combination of leathers, textiles, ebony and raw steel, to help it differentiate from other vehicles. As far as the engine goes, the model in question is said to get a Hybrid4 powertrain, with a gasoline engine and an electric motor, producing together 340 HP (250 kW). More details on the Exalt are limited for the moment and will be announced on the 20th of April, in Beijing.