Peugeot HYmotion3 Concept. image

In a world of intensifying urban traffi c where everyone is trying to save time, where oil prices are skyrocketing and the environment is more than ever a priority, design departments are vying in ingenuity to develop solutions for the future.

This vehicle offers an ideal mix of the benefi ts of a scooter and particular characteristics of a car.

Its width of 82 cm enables it to thread a path through urban traffic with all the efficiency of a two-wheeler. The front windscreen extends to the rear of the vehicle to form a highly effective shield against bad weather for the rider and passenger.
This vehicle incorporates HYmotion technology, also featured on other concept-cars in the Peugeot
exhibition space at the Paris Motor Show 2008. This new generation hybrid technology incorporates the
supercharged petrol engine already featured in the Peugeot Satelis scooter. With a power of 15 kW
(20 bhp) driving the rear wheel, it is combined with two electric motors, each with an output of 3 kW,
located in the front wheels.

This configuration develops a maximum power of 21 kW (29 bhp) for a particularly low fuel consumption
of 2.0 litres/100 kph and CO2 emissions of 47 g/kph in the combined cycle, or 0 in electric only mode.

Another system contributing to the vehicle’s efficiency is the STOP & START system. This system switches the petrol engine to standby mode during stop phases (at a red traffic light or a stop sign, in queuing traffi c, etc.) or when the vehicle is being driven in electric only mode.

In addition, regulations in France allow the vehicle to be driven with a B licence only, giving it a wide
range of potential customers.