Peugeot announced today it will further increase production for the 2008 urban crossover.

Two months ago Peugeot launched the 2008 urban crossover, with more than 26, 000 orders already booked in the European market: 12,000 in France, 3,000 in Germany and 3,000 in Italy. Peugeot clearly moved upmarket, as 2008’s levels 3 and 4 accounted for 73% of orders.

The automaker decided that beginning with September 2nd, production of the 2008 urban crossover at the Mulhouse plant will be increased gradually from the current 310 units per day to 520 units per day until mid-September and to 615 units per day by mid-October. Two months ago Peugeot added 100 new jobs and half shift at the plant, which means that now it will make a full shift on line 2, totaling 200 workers.

The 2008 is 200 mm longer than the 208 on which is based and it’s also riding higher than the popular hatchback. Its interior design has been inspired by the one used on the 208. The model will go on sale across the Old Continent this summer. Maxime Picat, the Peugeot chief, said that the model’s production will be doubled to 10,000 units monthly starting in September.



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