Peugeot plans to sell 550,000 208-model vehicles in 2012 image

PSA Peugeot Citroen has a plan on how to restore its struggling fortunes and revive the sales in the European market.

The French giant set a 550, 000 annual production target for the new Peugeot 208 subcompact model. From these 550, 000, 400,000 are to be produced in Europe.

“The production target is of 550,000 vehicles worldwide on an annual basis, that is to say from 2013, of which 400,000 would be in Europe,” Denis Martin said on the sidelines of a launch event for the new car.

The company’s plant in Poissy, near Paris will handle 40% of the European production, another French factory near Germany will take 20% and a Slovakian company, 40%.
A total of EUR600 million have been invested in the new model.

Here are the characteristics of this new model:
Peugoet 208 diesel line-up:
• 1.4l HDi FAP (68bhp), 5-speed manual gearbox; CO2: 98g/km, 74.3mpg
• 1.4l e-HDi FAP (68bhp), 5-speed EGC, Stop & Start; CO2: 87g/km, 83.1mpg
• 1.6l e-HDi FAP (92bhp), 5-speed manual , Stop & Start; CO2: 98g/km,74.3mpg
• 1.6l e-HDi FAP (92bhp), 6-speed EGC , Stop & Start; CO2: 98g/km,74.3mpg
• 1.6l e-HDi FAP (115bhp), 6-speed manual gearbox, Stop &Start; CO2: 99g/km,74.3mpg
Peugeot 208 petrol line-up:
• 1.0l VTi (68bhp), 5-speed manual gearbox; 99g/km, 65.7mpg
• 1.2l VTi (82bhp), 5-speed manual gearbox; 104g/km, 62.8mpg
• 1.4l VTi (95bhp), 5-speed manual gearbox: 129g/km, 50.4mpg
• 1.6l VTi (120bhp), 5-speed manual gearbox: 134g/km, 48.7mpg
• 1.6l THP (156bhp), 6-speed manual gearbox; CO2: 135 g/km, 48.7mpg