Peugeot to revive the GTI image

The French based automaker Peugeot has big plans for its future lineup with a possible revival of the iconic GTI which is most likely to make its way into the market later next year.

According to the Brits at, the new model might be badged the RC in France and it will be offered with two power levels. One of the engines which is most likely to make its way into the vehicle is the 1.6 liter twin-cam turbo which can be found on the Citroen DS3 and the Mini Cooper, being made by the BMW-PSA factory in France.

Autocar is also saying that the entry-level version will be priced at around 18.000 GBP for the 154 horsepower version, while a hotter and rarer 204 horsepower variant will be offered for close to 23.000 GBP under the GTI Racing name.

Performance of the new GTI Peugeot is not currently known but rumors say that the quickest version is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7.0 seconds with a top speed of over 140 mph, which will definitely be enough to make you think twice before buying a German hot hatch.

Besides the “fun-to-drive” mode, the new Peugeot GTI will also come with a unique body kit, including a new grille and front splitter, rear roof spoiler, large alloy wheels and sports seats along with a racing-like interior design.

As a reminder, the first iconic Peugeot GTI was available in 1984, being initially powered by a 1.6 liter petrol engine, being followed two years later by the 1.9 liter version with the same engine used by the 309 GTI.