Peugeot announced it will end the alliance made with BMW for hybrid-vehicle research, and choose GM instead.

Peugeot will no longer manufacture hybrids with BMW, nor will they set up any plants together for the models. In July BMW said it plans to continue research on hybrid-vehicles on its own and that it was in talks with Peugeot about breaking the partnership, after GM and Peugeot set up ties in February.

In March Peugeot said it believes the partnership with GM won’t affect the alliances with other automakers, including BMW and in June it announced it had future project plans with BMW. The BMW Peugeot Citroen Electrification partnership was established in October for the development, purchase and production of EVs and components.

“No decisions have been currently made on how the joint venture will be shaped in the future,” Frank Wienstroth, a BMW spokesman, said today.

The partnership with GM includes the US automaker’s purchase of 7% stake in Peugeot and the possible future cooperation on hybrid models. On June 29th BMW signed a memorandum of understanding with Toyota to develop lightweight materials, electric powertrains and fuel cells.


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