Peugeot’s latest vehicle is the eU01s electric bicycle image

This is a true statement of Peugeot’s prowess in building great bikes, which has been doing since before producing cars – we have an electric bike capable of 28 mph and a top spec maximum range of about 59 miles.

Peugeot has a long and standing tradition inside the bicycle business and its family actually made bicycles since the start of the XIX century – now the company is not only honoring that tradition but also looking towards the future. They build great electrified bicycles as well and their newest is the “eU01s.” To answer why the ugly name, “e” stands for electric, “U” for urban, “01” for high level, and “s” for speed. This means their new product is somewhere in the middle between the 15 mph electric bicycle segment and proper scooters. It will go at up to 45 km/h (28 mph) and has a maximum range of up to 95 km (59 miles) in its top specification.


This means you’re dealing with a moped – needing registration, insurance, and a helmet to legally use it, with the automaker proposing two versions. The base has a 400-Wh lithium-ion battery with enough juice to run for a maximum range of 75 kilometers (47 miles). If you want even more, Peugeot can hook you up to a larger 500-Wh battery pack going for as much as 95 km (59 miles). Power comes from a Bosch electric motor and use 180-mm hydraulic disc brakes.