Philippine: car sales down 4.5 percent in April image

Paced by passenger cars, sales of automotive vehicles in the Philippines advanced by 4.7 percent to 48,109 units in the four months to April 2011, but the April total of 11,816 passenger cars sold was down by 4.5 percent against the previous year’s 12,374 units , according to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers in the Philippines (CAMPI).

Sales also fell compared with March 2011, by 14.2%.
Its data excludes sales of some key suppliers, including Hyundai Motor, which left the association at the end of last year. Sales declined by 14.2% compared with the previous month’s 13,775 units.

The decline in the sales, the first in many months, may prompt the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. to recast its projection for the year.

“Currently, we are still within the forecast range [of 4 to 5 percent growth]. However, this may be revised accordingly as we move forward in the coming month with greater visibility on the extent of the damage [of the Japan disasters] and their lingering effects on local operations,” Elizabeth Lee, president of Campi, said in a statement.