Photo Comparison – The New BMW 3 Series vs. Audi A4 image

The new BMW 3 series was unveiled. It look great; it is larger, wider and more powerful compared to the old 3 series. In some way, it is a downscaled 5 Series. Other improvements include a 40kg loss in weight that will help in fuel efficiency, and an increased boot capacity.

The new BMW 3 Series will make its public debut at the Detroit motor show in January 2012. [read more about the new BMW 3 Series].

But is the new BMW 3 Series better than its competitors? – the Audi A4, or the Mercedes C Class?

After we presented a photo comparison between the new BMW 3 series and the old model, we think that it’s interesting to see a comparison between the new 3 series and the actual Audi A4;

Which is the better looking of the two?