[PHOTO GALLERY] 2012 Bucharest Motor Show (SIAMB) image

The 2012 Bucharest Motor Show, or SIAMB as it is known locally, has debuted on the 4th of April in Constitution Square, in the middle of the Romanian capital.

After a few years have passed since Romania had a proper automotive event, the 2012 SIAMB should theoretically defreeze the local auto market which has been severely affected by the economic crisis. The main European, Asian or American motor shows can’t prepare you for what you can still see in Bucharest, until the 8th of April and just to understand how small this event is, we can compare it to Audi’s stand at Frankfurt, which was larger than the entire Romanian event.

The local price of the ticket, 15 LEI or almost 3.5 euros, meant that an average visitor can spend at least 5 minutes inside without missing a single thing and while other motor shows are bringing some interesting concept cars or the newest vehicles, the 2012 SIAMB’s main attraction was the Mercedes-Benz A-Class Concept, even if the final production version was already presented to the public last month in Geneva. Besides the A-Class Concept, some of the things worth mentioning are a few Lotus cars, a Ford Ranger, two Caterhams, the Kia Soul, the Opel Ampera and the only Chevy Camaro in the country which isn’t even available for a test drive.

Besides the main attraction, cars, the second main attraction during an automotive event are the girls, but they aren’t what they used to be, if you get it. Tall, slim and even anorexic, forgetting to smile and talking on the phone all the time, the ladies at the 2012 SIAMB were a huge disappointment. So there you have it, if you’ve missed this year’s Bucharest Motor Show, don’t cry, just move on, like we will next year.