[PHOTO GALLERY] Armored SWAT truck of the future – the Pit-Bull VX image

One of the most feared vehicles out there is definitely the SWAT truck and the new generation is the exact equivalent of the Humvee in the Middle East, doing everything to get the bad guys punished and the good guys home just to come back to work the next day.

Underneath all that steel, anti-bullet and Kevlar pile of scary s*** there’s a Ford F-550 4×4 chassis cab and despite the addition of armoring it weighs just 16.600 pounds, being powered by the base F-550 6.7 liter V8 turbodiesel engine, but its performance is kept a secret.

Alpine, the company which armored the VX, has maintained the stock dashboard and OEM seats and the controls work just like in a Ford F-550 for the driver and the front passenger, but once you get in the back, everything changes, starting with the angled roof and floor, going through gear and ending with the invincibility against mines and modern frag explosives.

“If you’re a bad guy and you see this rolling up, you may start to reconsider the bad choices you’ve made in life”, said Alpine’s Ron.

Alpine says that not a single person has been killed in a vehicle armored by the company but even so, a slightly rolled down window and everything might come to an end. All this power and testosterone doesn’t come cheap and the VX has an estimated price of around 200.000 USD. But don’t look it up on eBay, you won’t find it.

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