Ferrari Challenge, is probably one of the best motorsport event for Ferrari fans and not only.

Started about 10 years ago for owners of the Ferrari 458 Berlinetta, is now a global motorsport event – involving three different continents – North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

At the end, finalists are brought together at the annual World Finals (Finali Mondiali) event. (Last year Finali Mondiali was held at the Mugello cuircuit).

In general the race is a two-class championship: professional drivers in Trofeo Pirelli and Ferrari “normal” Clients in amateur class called Coppa Shell.

According to the official website, the Ferrari 458 Challenge Series is specifically designed for Ferrari owners and gentlemen drivers who are looking to hone their skills in production-based, purpose-built Ferrari racers in a competitive yet friendly environment.

2014 Ferrari Challenge - Racecars waiting the greenlight

2014 Ferrari Challenge - Ferrari 458C Racecar preparations for the race 7

Today, 99 percent of the cars are Ferrari 458 Challenge (in the past there was a mix between 458C and F430 models) – a vehicle that was presented by the Italian automaker in 2010 – a vehicle that is almost as fast as the impressive FXX model. The engine in the 458 Challenge generates 470 hp at 9,000 rpm but the car has only 1,277 kg. The car looks almost the same as the road-legal 458 model – but there are a lot of differences: the cockpit is almost empty; there’s only a seat and the steering wheel.

2014 Ferrari Challenge - Ferrari 458C Racecar Steering Wheel

2014 Ferrari Challenge - Ferrari 458C Racecar Driver's seat


We’ve been able to get access inside the pit stop to spy the teams while preparing the cars for the race. Check out the images and let us know what you think.


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