[PHOTO GALLERY] Ferrari Millenio Concept revealed image

The Italian based automaker Ferrari has revealed its newest creation yet, the Millenio Concept, an electric supercar designed and created by Marko Petrovic.

With a stunningly good looking exterior design which is reminding me of classic cars but with the latest technology onto it, the Ferrari Millenio Concept is representing the Maranello company’s plans for the future, and if the future will look like this vehicle, then count me in. The only sad part is that the Ferrari Millenio Concept will be an electric vehicle, but, then again, if it makes it into production, it’s actually a Ferrari, and when did Ferrari ever make cars which weren’t just brilliant.

As we said in the first paragraph, the Ferrari Millenio Concept has been designed and created by Marko Petrovic and it’s a two-seater lightweight supercar. The Ferrari Millenio Concept has been inspired by the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi park and rumors say that it might be powered by two electric engines, one for every axle, offering a combined all-wheel drive technology. The material used for the vehicle’s bocy is named Buckypaper, and it’s made out of some secret combination which leads to the final product being 10 times lighter and 500 times tougher than steel.

Sadly this is all we know for now about the Ferrari Millenio Concept. You can watch the photo gallery below, even if there aren’t so many images in it. Enjoy!