[PHOTO GALLERY] Ford GT crash image

It seems that more and more people are buying fast cars these days without knowing how to drive them and most of the time the supercars end up in rivers, oceans, trees or poles, the last case being exactly what happened to this Ford GT.

After we presented today the two Ferraris that crashed and a Nissan GT-R who’s driver had to find out the hard way that he can’t go fast underwater, American supercar Ford GT’s turn came up to surprise us with an accident who made the man spinning its steering wheel seem to be the luckiest on the planet.

In short terms it seems that the Ford GT’s driver wanted to avoid a car that was turning in front of him and after he lost control, the supercar stopped in an utility pole, separating it into at least two parts, one of them being the cabin and the engine, that eventually burst into flames.

The driver escaped with the help of witnesses that managed to put the fire out and get him out of the half car. The driver was rushed to hospital and the crash is still investigated by the police who asks any witnesses that didn’t spoke with the investigators yet to contact the authorities at 231.733.26.91.

  • https://www.facebook.com/TireKickerMH Tire Kicker

    I'm not there yet, but I can see this leading to a discussion of whether we need to have grades of drivers' licenses. In the same way that a pilot license for a Cessna doesn't let you behind the controls of an F-18, perhaps….just perhaps…we should have a different grade of training and licensing for supercars.

    • Matt

      I completly agree with tyre kicker.. you have to do it with motorcycles, heavy goods vehicles for example. in the case of a guy who entered a competition and won a high powered sports car and promptly crashed it showing off to friends!! just because you have driven for some years in in something maybe 100-200 bhp, then you get your hands on something with 500+ bhp its a completely different animal!!
      i'm not jealouse of people who can afford it weather someone has a succsessful career and earns a ton of money or somebody who has won the lottery for example, if you can afford the car you can afford to be trained to drive such a beast!!
      also if you lookat racing drivers, you need a "super licence" to drive an F1 car!!
      Different grades of licence is a great idea!!