[PHOTO GALLERY] Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Prior Design image

Prior design has recently revealed its newest creation, a styling package developed for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W212) sedans.

I’m pretty sure that almost every Mercedes-Benz owner wanted the AMG version of his / her ride but because of a “small” holdback, like money, that usually remains a dream, until now, at least. As you can see in the photo gallery posted below, the German aftermarket specialists at Prior Design have just released a new styling package for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans (W212), so those of you, who own this model, might want to check this upgrade, which is guaranteed to make your ride stand out of the crowd.

The body kit released by the German tuner Prior Design has all the AMG styling without the AMG costs, and it comes, as you can see for yourselves, with a new front bumper, revised side skirts and a sporty rear fascia with an integrated diffuser. And to be honest, the styling kit looks quite appealing. If Prior Design decides to do this with every Mercedes-Benz model, or at least with the C-Class and the S-Class too, there’s no doubt that customers will choose it. Sadly there’s no official word on the price, but as we said above, it’s an AMG look without the AMG costs.