[PHOTO GALLERY] Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept revealed image

The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz has released a few official images with its Silver Arrow Concept.

The Mercedes-Benz Arrow Concept has been inspired by the legendary classic cars made by the German manufacturer but its design lines are also bringing it closer to the future, and even if this probably doesn’t make any sense, the vehicle is trying to bring the company’s history to the new era. As you can see from the images posted below, the Mercedes-Benz Arrow Concept has a unique design, packing the classic shape of the old models and combining them to the new lines, but the only thing that makes it quite unappealing is the front design, with the Mercedes grille on it.

The car manufacturer says that the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept is the star of a short film for the Los Angeles Design Challenge, named the Silver Lighting, whose action has been set in the future and the basic themes are the speed and security. The main characters of the film are two dummies trying to escape from crash tests with the Silver Arrow. Sadly we don’t have any official details on the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept, but the automaker might have something planned for us, considering the fact that these images have been launched before the 2012 Detroit Motor Show.