The German based automaker BMW has definitely hit the jackpot with its 1M Coupe, after the vehicle has been compared with the original E30 M3, the car that defined the “boy racer”. After being presented at almost every major automotive event, the BMW 1M Coupe will also hit the SEMA Motor Show, in a modified version.

According to the German based car manufacturer, the BMW 1M Coupe to hit SEMA will feature some high-end performance parts like the H&R suspension, the Brembo big brakes, the BBS alloy wheels and the Continental tires. Associating the 1M Coupe name with these brands is making the modified German vehicle be the best of the best.

The H&R Sport Springs are lowering the 1M Coupe by 1.2 inches for the front and 0.6 inches for the rear, eliminating the front tire and wheel gap for a more homogenous appearance, which in addition to reintroducing the classic BBS RS wheels, 19×9 for the front and 19×10 for the rear, wrapped in Continental Extreme Contact DW size 245/35 for the front and 265/35 for the rear, along with the big Brembo brakes, make the BMW 1M Coupe truly irresistible.

You can watch the photo gallery below. Enjoy!


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