Nissan is placing the Juke-R into the spotlights once again by releasing new and official images of its small fast crossover.

After the Japanese based automaker has released, only a day ago, the first video of the Juke-R which is actually worth watching, Nissan is keeping us busy once again after “giving us” some new official images of its powerful urban crossover. We can’t really understand why is everyone in a frenzy with the Nissan Juke-R, it’s not like the model will be hitting the production line in more than 2 units and it’s not like they’re cheap, cool, good looking and so on, they will be based on the Nissan GT-R, and frankly, that’s one hot car, but I don’t see anyone even remembering that. Now all it remains will be tuners offering the “Nissan Juke-R upgrade kit” for your dull crossover.

As a reminder, the 2012 Nissan Juke R is using the GT-R’s 3.8 liter bi-turbocharged V6 engine which is developing a total output of 480 horsepower on the sports car, along with its all-wheel drive system, gearbox and suspension, so the engineers really know what they’re doing if they have managed to squeeze all of that into the small crossover. The Juke-R is also coming with a race-spec roll cage which is replacing the rear seats, two racing seats, a GT-R sourced steering wheel, a seven-inch touch screen, pedals and dials.


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