[PHOTO GALLERY] Top Gear Season 18 previewed in images image

Season 18 of the popular car show the UK Top Gear, scheduled to start on 29th of January, has been recently previewed in images.

After the latest number of the Top Gear magazine has announced that the most popular car show in the world will officially start, with the Season 18, on the 29th of January 2012, the Top Gear crew is back, this time in some images. A photo gallery has been released on topgear.com, which is actually previewing the Top Gear Season 18, and in it you can see just about everything, starting with the Lamborghini Aventador, going to some classic modified rides and ending with the Stig who, we must admit, is very flexible.

Tonight, Richard goes to NASCAR, James is on a rather bizarre lap of Dunsfold and Jeremy is blowing up a caravan, this is how the show will probably start. We don’t exactly have too much info on the Top Gear Season 18, but the three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been caught by curious cameras in the last quarter of 2011 while filming in Rome, in India and in many other more locations. The India filming has turned out to be the Top Gear Christmas Special, part of Season 17, while the Italy filming might be a new Top Gear Special.